Landscape Installation

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Our Installation Team Has the Expertise to Complete Any Landscape Project

Our landscape installation team has many years of experience in the landscape industry. We install quality outdoor spaces that you will enjoy season after season.

Our landscape installation services span from creating brand new outdoor spaces to breathing new life into tired worn out landscapes. There are many options available when having your house or commercial properties landscaped into that perfect outdoor space. Our knowledge of different plants, trees, shrubs, soil types, and doing the right things at the right times, allows us to easily make your property picture-perfect.

The first step is designing your space.

Our team can design your outdoor space with your input or we can work with existing plans that you may already have prepared. No matter which approach fits the project, our installation team will leave your landscape looking rejuvenated and inviting.

We plan and map out the entire installation process to ensure the highest quality results.

We have the equipment, experience and expertise to facilitate the completion of any landscape project large or small. Our installation team is mindful of the site conditions on each project and has an understanding of the effects soil conditions have on various plant varieties. We test soil samples so we know exactly what we are dealing with.

We always make recommendations to ensure plant health, vigour and longevity.

Our team hand selects plants that are right for the soil, light exposure, and site conditions on your particular property. We can also curate plants that provide aesthetically please and aromatic interest at each of the four seasons.

Budget and Project Scale

We can work with a variety of budget ranges and scale, from a small corner in your yard to a large multi-acre site.

Landscape Installation Service Overview
  • planting
  • garden bed installation
  • flower bed installation
  • annuals, perennials, plants, shrubs, tree installation
  • vegetable garden installation and maintenance – have garden fresh produce all season
  • privacy gardens
  • mulch installation
  • sod installation
  • soil sampling
  • tilling
  • residential and commercial spaces
  • projects large and small
  • long term property maintenance of your landscape to insure it’s lasting beauty
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